“Old school tailoring, modern luxury”

If you are looking for a bespoke item or special gift!  We specialize in creating that perfect fit, Including design, emblems, monograms, personalized messaging or pattern work.

We setup custom products that offer your clients or colleagues a taste of good leather combined with a personal touch, engraving each item with the company logo, gift receivers name and personal message, if you wish.  breaking the ‘cookie cutter’ mold and leaving them knowing they are valued and important to you.

Interested in stocking the CHARLES LANSDOWN Range or Would like us to DESIGN YOUR OWN UNIQUE BRAND AND RANGE


Our goal is to set new trends, keep with the times and merge them into our classic leathers and design, reaching a perfect balance between practical functionality, and timeless design.

With a history steeped in family tradition, CHARLES LANSDOWN Tailored Leathers have refined leather craftsmanship for the modern individual. We source leathers from around the world to create fine pieces ranging from the toughest custom luggage to finely-crafted purses that are made to last.