As a passionate company, our goal is that our partner’s employee’s or important clients ‘feel valued’ as an individual when receiving the gift, else, “WHY DO IT?”

Our strategy is to offer something bespoke, unique and of the highest quality, our service ethic is based on partnering with our clients to ensure, originality, accommodate your company’s growth and companies ever changing dynamics.  We are striving to return ‘the good old days where service, lasting products and business friendships shine above all.

Why Choose Us?

  • Each individual item can feature Company Brands and personalized name, slogans, messages, company details, etc… Sky’s the limit!
  •  No minimum quantity per color required
  •  No high design / branding setup costs, in fact no setup costs at all.
  •  The Charles Lansdown standard of quality:  A very high quality product that will be a constant reminder of the gift giver, for years to come…
  •  Semi Handmade, although a Laser is used for cutting and branding, one Leathersmith adds his personal touch: Working, stitching and finishing of each item.
  • Completely South African leather and product
  • Company incentive to our client’s staff, that they may purchase any retail items from CHARLES LANSDOWN Tailored Leathers online or via our other channels and receive a 10% discount.