The name, CHARLES LANSDOWN Tailored Leathers, started from humble beginnings: a selection of quality belts started the Charles Lansdown journey, and to this day, those very belts are still made to honour the roots of the name. Each item is hand-made with great care and attention to detail in our craft house. CHARLES LANSDOWN Tailored Leathers have expanded over time to accommodate any custom leather creation and design. See our Products page for more details.


Mr Charles Lansdown was a British gentleman who was never part of the aristocracy, but made a point of touring Europe as often as he could – always making sure he looked the part. He was a man characterised by his integrity and a commitment to earning the respect of those he knew – much like the leather creations that now bear his name. His philosophy of “what you give out is what you get back” is reflected in every CHARLES LANSDOWN item:

We are committed to producing work of the highest standard for you, and in return, we hope to earn the respect of everyone who has our work in their collections.

Mr Charles Lansdown was the grandfather of head leathersmith, Bradley Charles Ingram. “His legacy lives on. It is through his devotion and encouragement that his children and grandchildren have learnt to express their creativity, and committed to excellence!”


Each CHARLES LANSDOWN item is cut and stitched by expert hands. Head leathersmith, Bradley Charles Ingram, has been creating stunning custom pieces for more than a decade. Items that bear the CHARLES LANSDOWN mark are uniquely designed for our range which promises quality, true individuality and a sense of timelessness.


The beauty of true leather is that it gets better with age. Even with a harsh battering, leather takes on a worn look which affords it character often by a texture softened by the hands of time. Our collection takes full advantage of the way leather ages and builds its own character: every piece becomes more uniquely yours as it matures through the journey of your life.
Over the course of more than a decade, CHARLES LANSDOWN Tailored Leathers have found suppliers of the finest hides in South Africa and abroad, however we are deeply committed to supporting the South African leather industry as far as is possible.

We keep hides that are as natural and eco-friendly as possible, this has given an added bonus that no two hides are the same, the grain patina and character, all vary making your item even more exclusive.

The mission of CHARLES LANSDOWN Tailored Leathers is to reignite the true craft of leatherwork by offering hides that we individually choose for their quality, character and strength.


Leathersmiths working on CHARLES LANSDOWN pieces, go through years of apprenticeship and training before being able to take on specific ranges. Every single piece is still hand-checked and tested by the founder and head leathersmith, Bradley Charles Ingram.